Thunderbirds 2


1 st version

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Thunderbird 2 - the real star of the Thunderbirds series.

This was the craft that brought the rescue equipment - in a huge special cargo pod.
The diecast metal Dinky toy has swing down plastic legs to raise it above the ground after releasing the pod.

The Dinky Thunderbird 2 has released the pod and is raised up on it's four retractable legs. In the series there were many pods available, each containing different vehicles and equipment.
Thunderbird 4's pod was, appropriately, pod '4'.

Thunderbird 4 - International Rescue's submarine.
It's approximately the correct scale and the right colour - pity there are no markings on it. As you can see, the pod door swings down to form a ramp.



Version 1

They have  :

-         bottom with inscribed  Century 21 Toys 

-        5 rivets (a transitional type, issued in later 1972 or early 1973 have 4 x screws in the Base and NOT rivets like version 2 and 3). That base is riveted so when the legs where broke because of the heavy weight of the model the legs could not be replaced as a result Dinky changed the base to screws so you could change.


Need to confirm :

Original Earley MK1 Issue Dinky Thunderbird 2 Produced for 1 year only with the riveted base.

Both deep red thrusters (later they went to a lighter red), all 4 custard yellow legs (later issues went more yellow to orange and where more flimsey).

The Original MK1 Issue Thunderbird 4 The Moler with the bigger 4 on the side, the later issue they put a smaller 4.


-         green color (like T.V show)

-         2 versions of boxes with little change :

The boxes is virtually the same, with the exception of the use of “Gerry Anderson” on the box. For example, instead of reading “Straight from ‘THUNDERBIRDS’ ”, reads: “Straight from Gerry Anderson’s ‘THUNDERBIRDS’ “. The Century 21 label on the thin side is also different and reads “Gerry Anderson’s THUNDERBIRD 2 Made by Dinky Toys for CENTURY 21 TOYS LTD. © 1966 A.P. Films LTD. “

The Outter first Issue box made without the wording Illustrate of model may differ in colour, due to the metalic green version introduced .

The original inner Tray is with the original inner package.